Can I receive a delivery if I’m not home?

Definitely. We have several customers who are not typically home between 8pm and 10pm, but they could still use some help given their busy schedules.  For them, we offer “personless” pick-up and delivery.  What this means is that we will come by and pick-up or deliver your clothes without you having to be there.  The key is you need to make sure Rinse has access to a safe place to keep your clothes.  Typically, this means you can buzz us into your apartment building remotely or can provide a door code, but every situation is different.

If the above options don’t make sense, Rinse has also provided a handful of customers with a lockbox they can use to store their key so we can access that whenever we come by.  If you are interested in this option, please e-mail help@rinse.com to let us know.  We charge customers at cost for the lockbox ($25) but it’s yours to keep and it unlocks “personless” delivery and makes Rinse even more frictionless.