Rinse, Repeat, Relax

A subscription for laundry? Yes, please. Rinse Repeat picks up, professionally cleans, and hand-delivers your laundry to your door, once a week, for just $89 per month.

Spending time on laundry is a thing of the past

Once a Week

Simply choose your new laundry day (any day of the week!). We’ll come to your door that evening to deliver your clean laundry and pick up the next load. Easy!

One Bag

The Rinse Repeat bag is big enough for all of your weekly laundry needs. Toss in bed sheets, towels, and everyday clothing. If it fits in the bag, you’re good to go.

One Price

Rinse Repeat is $89 per month for one bag, once a week. No hidden fees and no long-term commitment. Cancel anytime.

Yes, I want to reclaim laundry day

One bag for all your laundry

Size of the bag

Our Rinse Repeat bag will accommodate all of one person’s weekly laundry needs, including towels and bedsheets. Don’t worry about weight - all you need to do is fill it up!


Per Month

All inclusive

  • Premium laundry service
  • Picked up and delivered to your door
  • Weekly service
  • No long-term commitment

Rinse Repeat works for you

Premium Cleaning

Our expert cleaning partners separate lights and darks, and never mix your laundry with anyone else’s. Everything is returned clean and crisply folded, including paired socks!

Your Preferences

Choose from scented or hypoallergenic detergent. Want fabric softener? No problem. We work with you to make sure everything is just right.

Next-Day Option

Need it faster? Select our optional 24-hour Rush service to get your laundry back the next day for an additional $35 per month.

Rinse Guarantee

Rinse Repeat is backed by the best guarantee on the market

Our Rinse Guarantee means that you will always be satisfied or we’ll make it right, even in the rare instance we need to re-clean an item for free or reimburse you at replacement value.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rinse Repeat?

Rinse Repeat is a weekly wash & fold subscription service. For a flat monthly rate of $89, we will do all the laundry you can fit into a Rinse Repeat bag each week! No stress, no fuss, just one less item on your weekly to-do list.

How much laundry does the Rinse Repeat bag hold?

Our Rinse Repeat bag accommodates all of one person’s weekly laundry needs, including towels and bedsheets. Our bag holds upward of 20 lbs of laundry, but there is no need to track the weight because each bag is serviced at a flat monthly price. Size of the bag

What should I expect for my first Rinse Repeat?

On the evening of your first scheduled pick up, your Rinse Valet will bring you two personalized Rinse Repeat bags. One to keep for the following week, one to load with your dirty laundry.

Is there a long term contract?

NO. Rinse Repeat is a month-to-month subscription plan that you can cancel anytime before your next month’s billing cycle starts. There are no hidden cancellation fees.

Can I put anything I want to wash in the bag?

Yes, provided it fits with the bag zipped closed and is an item that can be machine washed and dried.

Can I change my regular service day?

You can change your regular service day before the beginning of your next monthly billing cycle at no cost. If you need to change your service day during your current billing cycle, contact [email protected]

How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription at any time, simply email [email protected] at least one day prior to your monthly renewal.

What are the turnaround times for Rinse Repeat?

Our Standard Plan works on a weekly interval schedule so we can provide the highest quality service at the lowest cost to you. Alternatively you can choose our Next-Day Plan which provides a next-day turnaround for an additional $35 a month.

Can I add bags to my subscription?

Yes, you can add additional bags to your Rinse Repeat subscription plan. Pricing is $75 per month per additional bag. One time additional bags are priced at $25.