Dry cleaning and laundry made easy

Delivering Clean Clothes and Peace of Mind

Full Service Garment Care

We take care of every aspect of cleaning your clothes, including Dry Cleaning, Wash & Fold, Hang Dry, Hand Wash, Repairs, Large Items, Leather – even clothing donations.

Expert Cleaners

We only work with cleaning professionals dedicated to providing world-class quality. We build in multiple layers of inspection to ensure you always get the best quality cleaning.

Predictable and Steady

Our simple system and incredible customer service takes the thinking out of dry cleaning and laundry, so you can focus on more important things.

Dry Cleaning and Laundry in less than 5 minutes


One-touch scheduling.
Evening pick-ups (8pm to 10pm).
Service 7 days per week.


No more rushing after work.
Save 4 hours per week on laundry.
Focus on more important things.


Door-to-door service.
Customized preferences.
Clean clothes and peace of mind.

Clean clothes have never been this easy!

  • Simple Scheduling: Ordering a Rinse is easy! Just text “Y” to us before 5pm and we will stop by your home that night.
  • Smart reminders: Don’t worry about waiting until it’s too late! Rinse will check-in on a routine basis to see if you need anything cleaned.
  • People. Not robots: Real people read your text messages. It’s just like texting a friend...a friend who is happy to clean your clothes for you!

Price List

Competitive. Transparent. Affordable.


Dry Cleaning /
Launder & Press

Minimum turnaround = 2 days
(available for a $5 rush fee)

No minimum order


Wash & Fold

Minimum turnaround = 1 day
(available for a $5 rush fee)

Minimum order = 15 Lbs per bag


Hang Dry

Minimum turnaround = 3 days

Rinse is proud to offer Full Service Garment Care. For a full list of pricing, click here. If you have any questions on specialty items, please e-mail help@rinse.com

What customers are saying

"Big fan of Rinse! Instead of rushing to the dry-cleaner to rescue my clothes before it shuts in the evening, with Rinse clothes get delivered to my door and they work around my schedule"

Cathy V., San Francisco

"I love Rinse! They do an amazing job on all my shirts and even fix broken and missing buttons that I didn't know I had. It has made the annoyance of going to the dry cleaner completely painless."

Jeff E., San Francisco

"Before Rinse, my shirts sat at the cleaners for weeks because I was never home during their open hours… Rinse has changed that and is the perfect service for anyone with a busy schedule."

Zach G., San Francisco

"Rinse has taken what was a dreaded chore for my husband and me and made it an easy and even enjoyable part of our weekly routine. Nothing ever gets missed and our clothes come back in great shape."

Ilana S., San Francisco

"Awesome service! Rinse is convenient, sends pictures of my shirts, sends itemized receipts, AND is cheaper than the cleaner down the street. I'm glad I found Rinse and will be a long time customer!"

Drew B., San Francisco

"I commute. I work long hours. I like to look nice for client meetings and hanging out with friends. Rinse has been a life saver. I never have to think about my dry cleaning. Thank you for making my life simpler ... and cleaner!"

Margot L., San Francisco

Give $10. Get $10.