What can I expect to happen on my first Rinse?

Easy! On the evening of your scheduled pickup, a Rinse Valet will arrive between 8pm and 10pm. They’ll bring Rinse bags for Dry Clean / Launder & Press, Wash & Fold and Hang Dry, which will all be tagged with your information. We’ll work with one of our local cleaning partners to expertly clean your items, and your Valet will bring everything back to you on your confirmed delivery date. 

1.) Picking up your order.

  • You will receive a 45-minute reminder via SMS prior to your Rinse Valet's estimated of arrival at your door. 
  • Your Valet will arrive between 8pm - 10pm. 
  • Your Valet will provide with three different color-coded Rinse bags. 
    • White = Dry Clean / Launder & Press 
    • Black = Wash & Fold 
    • Teal = Hang Dry 
    • If you are able to, prior to arrival prepare and sort your clothes and other items that will need cleaning accordingly. 
  • Your Valet will explain in detail what can go in each bag and the various options you have for the delivery of your items. 
  • Your Valet will also go over our delivery schedule with you, including our optional Rush Services. 
  • Our Standard Delivery is $3.99 (generally 3 days after pickup). 
  • If you need your clothes returned quicker, Wash & Fold is available for 24-hour Rush. Dry Cleaning is available for 2-day expedited service. Each Rush Service is $5.00 extra. 
  • If you have any special instructions regarding your clothes and other items (e.g. stains), please inform your Valet. You can also set your personal cleaning preferences on your Rinse account.  

2.) Cleaning your order. 

  • After pickup, we dispatch your items to our vetted cleaning partners. 
  • Once the partner has processed your bag you will receive a detailed email including list of the items you put in our care. 
  • We only work with carefully selected local cleaners who have established a very high level of quality and reliability. 
  • For your protection and overall peace of mind, we have also built multiple layers of inspection and control to ensure high-quality. 

3.) Delivering your clean order. 

  • We will send you a text the morning of your scheduled delivery date to confirm we are coming that evening. If your delivery has not been confirmed yet, we will send you a text on your next route day to let you know that your clothes are ready for delivery. Just reply "Y" to automatically confirm delivery for that evening. 
  • Once confirmed, you will receive another reminder text 45 minutes before your Valet arrives that evening (between 8pm and 10pm). 
  • Rinse...and repeat!