What can I expect to happen on my first Rinse?

Rinse arrives.

  • Our highly trained Valet arrives between 8pm - 10pm.
  • You will receive a 45-minute reminder via SMS.

Rinse picks up your clothes.

  • Your Valet will provide your personal Rinse bags (White = Dry Clean / Launder & Press; Black = Wash & Fold; Teal = Hang Dry).  All you need is your clothes.
  • If you have any special instructions, let your Valet know.
  • Let your Valet know when you would like your clothes returned.

Rinse takes care of your clothes.

  • We work with only the best cleaners and have built in multiple layers of inspection to ensure high-quality.
  • We provide full service garment care (incl. Hang Dry), and also repair broken buttons for free.

Rinse delivers your clothes.

  • Standard Delivery is $3.99 and happens on your next "route" day (e.g. Sun > Wed; Mon > Thu; Tue > Fri).
  • If you need your clothes returned quicker, Wash & Fold is available within 24 hours and Dry Cleaning is available within 48 hours for an additional $5.00 fee.
  • We will send you a text the morning of your scheduled delivery date to confirm we are coming that evening. If your delivery has not been scheduled yet, we will send you a text on your next route day to confirm your clothes are ready for delivery.  In that case, simply reply "Y" to create an order. 

Rinse...and repeat.

  • We will send smart SMS reminders two days a week. Simply reply "Y" to create an order.
  • Enjoy clean clothes. Enjoy amazing service. Enjoy peace of mind.