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An important change to our pricing
Written by

Ajay Prakash

Clothing care has always been full of friction (so much so that we refer to it as “death by 1,000 cuts”). Customers are held hostage to proximity when choosing a cleaner and can’t assess quality until after they get their clothes back; cleaners only operate during business hours, making dropping off and picking up very difficult tasks; and there’s limited customer service, technology, and transparency. Heading to the laundromat is no picnic, either.

When we started Rinse in 2013, our main objective was to remove those friction points and solve a chronic pain point for our customers.

A lot has changed at Rinse over the past few years, but one thing that has remained constant is our unwavering commitment to providing the highest-quality care for your clothing, while delivering a consistent and seamless customer experience. As a consumer service, we know we have to earn our stripes with every order we pick up from you. To do that requires great execution, and great execution starts with the team.

Our team at Rinse includes our cleaning partners, our Valets, and our internal staff. They each play a critical role in making sure your clothes always receive the high-quality cleaning they deserve, and you experience the convenience you demand. As we continue to grow, we recognize that the key to our success lies in our ability to ensure that we invest in our team and make sure they have the time and resources needed so Rinse can continue to deliver a world-class customer experience.

To that end, today we are introducing a Standard Delivery fee to help support these efforts.

Effective with each new order picked up starting this evening (Tuesday, December 13, 2016) we will be adding a nominal fee of $3.99 to be applied upon delivery only. If you request Rush Service (e.g., next-day turnaround on Wash & Fold or 2-day turnaround on Dry Clean / Launder & Press), we will add an additional $5.00 charge, which is consistent with how our Rush Service works today.

I’m very proud of the service we’ve created and I’m confident that today’s change will make Rinse an even better partner for you by helping us appropriately support the critical components of our day-to-day operations and ensure you receive the highest-quality clothing care and customer experience possible.

Thanks for your continued support. We’re working tirelessly to provide the service you deserve for everything in your closet, and we look forward to taking care of you for a long time to come!

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