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Rinse Drop Just Got Even Easier
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At Rinse, our mission has always been to remove the friction that naturally comes with clothing care so our customers have more time for the things that matter to them, both in their personal and professional lives. The 2+ hours we save customers each week adds up!

We’ve put a lot of thought into making Rinse as efficient as possible, not just for our customer’s convenience but for Rinse itself––efficient operations means savings that we can pass onto our customers!

Some ingredients in our recipe for success have been offering smart scheduling (pickup and delivery always between 8pm and 10pm), transparent pricing, and SMS-based communications. Recently we’ve also updated our personless pickup and delivery process, now known as Rinse Drop.

What Is Rinse Drop?

Rinse Drop gives you the option to authorize your Valets to pick up or deliver your Rinse order when you are not physically present. Whether you’ll be out of the house or just don’t feel like answering the door in your jammies, Rinse Drop provides extra flexibility!

With Rinse Drop, you Valet can pick up or deliver your order to your concierge, your front door, or anywhere that does not require your Valet to enter your private home or residence.

Since Rinse Drop orders must be in a Rinse bag, it’s important to note that you cannot schedule a Rinse Drop on your very first pickup since you will need to be present to receive your personalized Rinse bags. Also, keep in mind that Rinse Drop requires a Release of Liability, so your Rinse Drop location should be safe and secure.

What Should I Expect During A Rinse Drop Pickup or Delivery?

To update your Rinse Drop settings and add or remove the Release of Liability visit the Delivery section in your My Account page. Here, you can enable or disable Rinse Drop and change your settings anytime.

After your Rinse Drop pickup, you’ll receive a confirmation text that includes the number of bags picked up. After a Rinse Drop delivery, you’ll receive a confirmation text and a picture of where your order was delivered (to your concierge, hung on your front door, etc.) so that you can be sure it was delivered correctly.

Rest assured, we’ll keep you updated on your order!

Additionally, we provide flexibility in terms of using Rinse Drop on an order-by-order basis. If you set your Rinse Drop settings and grant a Release of Liability as a permanent setting on your account, Rinse Drop will apply to all of your orders.

However, if you set your Rinse Drop settings as a temporary setting on your account using the “One Time Delivery Notes” that are texted to you for an individual stop, the Release of Liability will only apply to that individual stop and not all future orders. 

To request a one-time Rinse Drop, you can text us prior to your Valet’s arrival at 746-73. Our team will reply with a request for you to approve a one-time Release of Liability in order to complete the order.

Why Use Rinse Drop?

Rinse Drop is just another way Rinse provides value to our customers. In addition to letting Rinse take care of your dry cleaning and laundry on a regular basis, you now do not have to worry about being present for each and every order.

As a result, you’re free to use the extra time you’re saving with Rinse and Rinse Drop on whatever you feel is important. Rather than worrying about meeting our Valet you can stay late at the office if you need to, spend extra time with your family or friends, or check something else off your to-do list!


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Introducing Rinse: Chicago’s Answer to Dry Cleaning and Laundry Woes
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Rinse expands into Chicago with a new office, local cleaning partnerships and a roster of open positions to fill

Chicago, August 22, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Rinse, Inc., the fastest growing national brand in dry cleaning and laundry delivery, today announced that its service is now available in Chicago. In June, the company announced its plans to expand into at least 10 new cities following its Series B financing; Chicago is the first of those cities to launch. Rinse is looking to hire a robust team of operations personnel and Valets, in addition to partnering with local dry cleaning and wash and fold establishments.

“We are incredibly excited to bring Rinse to Chicago,” said Ajay Prakash, Co-founder and CEO of Rinse. “Our focus has always been on delivering high-quality clothing care for everything in your closet, and we know Chicagoans appreciate convenience that comes without a sacrifice. The initial response from our alpha customers has been fantastic, and we hope to bring that same experience to other customers in Chicago as we grow.”

Rinse started its innovative dry cleaning and laundry delivery service in San Francisco in 2013 and has since expanded into Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., and now Chicago. Its mission has been to remove the many points of friction in clothing care and to create a high-quality, consistent, convenient, and reliable experience for customers. Rinse’s technology backbone and smart approach to operations and scheduling enables the company to deliver world-class service.

Devoted to Chicago

Rinse’s Chicago operation is based in Bucktown and the company is looking to expand its local team of operations personnel and Valets, all of whom are W-2 employees. “Rinse Valets and our local operations teams are core to the customer experience,” said Prakash. “As we look to aggressively grow in Chicago, we want all employees to know that they have an important impact on the business.” In addition to hiring local talent, Rinse is focused on establishing partnerships with Chicago cleaning vendors. At a time when traditional dry cleaners and wash and fold establishments have seen business decline, Rinse is looking to partner to drive incremental business beyond the traditional walk-in customer. The company is already working with several local partners and plans to partner with more as demand grows.

About Rinse

Rinse is building the first and largest national (and global) brand in clothing care. It is addressing a massive consumer problem and creating a significantly better (and more standardized) dry cleaning and laundry experience through the combination of "smart scheduling"   and best-in-class quality, all supported by a strong technology backbone that allows it to effectively manage the operational complexity that comes with scale. Its services include Dry Cleaning, Launder & Press, Wash & Fold, Hang Dry, Repairs, Leather Cleaning, and it even takes Clothing Donations. The company was founded by Ajay Prakash and James Joun and is headquartered in San Francisco. To experience Rinse for yourself, please visit or download the Rinse mobile app (available on iOS or Android).

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Introducing the new Rinse garment bag
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We’re always working hard to make your Rinse experience even better, and that includes the bags that your clothes are picked up and delivered in. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our new Rinse garment bag, which will replace our current Dry Clean/Launder & Press bag (the white one).

The next time you get your Dry Cleaning done with Rinse, you can expect to receive your clean clothes delivered in one of our new garment bags. The best part about this new bag? It doubles as the bag you’ll fill up with any dry cleaning to give to Rinse.

Just flip the bag upside down, fill it up with any clothes you need to get dry cleaned, pull the draw string, and give it to your Rinse Valet when he comes to pick up your clothes. Your clothes will be cleaned, pressed, and returned hung in the garment bag. Moving forward, anytime you need to get Dry Cleaning done, this will be the bag to use.

Wondering what to do with your old Dry Clean/Launder & Press bag? Once you’ve a received a new garment bag, just give your old bag to your Valet and we’ll recycle it.

Happy Rinsing!

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