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Why Rinse?


We pick up and deliver 7 days a week, including Sundays.


Rinse services are priced comparably to local providers, and we never surprise you with upcharges or hidden fees.


Rinse has decades of experience in dry cleaning and laundry. Our Co-founder, James Joun, even grew up in the business!

We’ll take great care of your clothing, guaranteed.

Rinse does the work for you

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Schedule a Rinse any day of the week. Your Valet will always arrive between 8pm and 10pm.


Your clothes are expertly cleaned according to their care label and the Rinse service you select.


We return your clothes within 3 days. Choose Rush service for next-day delivery of Wash & Fold.

A service for everything in your closet

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You’ve got questions?

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  • What services does Rinse provide?

    Rinse is a one-stop shop for all your garment care needs. Our standard services are Dry Clean / Launder & Press, Wash & Fold, and Hang Dry.

    We also offer Repairs, Leather Cleaning, and can handle most specialty items. One of our friendly Valets will pick up and deliver all of your items, so that you can enjoy some peace of mind and focus on more important things.

  • How do I schedule my first Rinse?

    You can schedule your first Rinse pickup here. If you have any difficulties, feel free to e-mail us at [email protected] - our team is always happy to help!

    You can schedule your first Rinse pickup on our website (, or on our mobile app (available on iOS or Android). If you have any difficulties, feel free to email us at [email protected] - our team is always happy to help!

  • What can I expect to happen on my first Rinse?

    Easy! On the evening of your scheduled pickup, a Rinse Valet will arrive between 8pm and 10pm. They’ll bring Rinse bags for Dry Clean / Launder & Press and Wash & Fold, which will all be tagged with your information. We’ll work with one of our local cleaning partners to expertly clean your items, and your Valet will bring everything back to you on your confirmed delivery date. 

    You can read more about what will happen on your first Rinse below or watch our instructional video here

    1.) Picking up your order.

    • Once your order is scheduled, you’ll receive a text message at 7pm on the evening of your pickup with an estimated time of arrival for your Valet.  
    • Your Valet will arrive between 8pm - 10pm. 
    • Your Valet will provide with two different color-coded Rinse bags. 
      • White = Dry Clean / Launder & Press 
      • Black = Wash & Fold   
    • If you are able to, prior to arrival prepare and sort your clothes and other items that will need cleaning accordingly and have them ready to go in a hamper, basket, or pile. 
    • Your Valet will explain in detail what can go in each bag and the various options you have for the delivery of your items. 
    • Your Valet will also go over our delivery schedule with you, including our optional Rush Services. 
    • Our Standard Delivery is $3.99 (generally 3 days after pickup). 
    • If you need your clothes returned quicker, Wash & Fold is available for 24-hour Rush. Dry Cleaning is available for 2-day expedited service. Each Rush Service is $5.00 extra. 
    • If you have any special instructions regarding your clothes and other items (e.g. stains), please inform your Valet. You can also set your personal cleaning preferences on your Rinse account.  
    • We also provide other services such as Hang Dry, Leather Cleaning, and Repairs. You’ll have the option to receive a Teal Hang Dry bag for your more fragile laundry items, such as athletic wear and intimates, that need to avoid the heat of the dryer. Hang Dry items will also be returned neatly folded.

    2.) Cleaning your order. 

    • After pickup, we dispatch your items to our vetted cleaning partners. 
    • Once the partner has processed your bag you will receive a detailed email including list of the items you put in our care. 
    • We only work with carefully selected local cleaners who have established a very high level of quality and reliability. 
    • For your protection and overall peace of mind, we have also built multiple layers of inspection and control to ensure high-quality. 

    3.) Delivering your clean order. 

    • We will send you a text the morning of your scheduled delivery date to confirm we are coming that evening. If your delivery has not been confirmed yet, we will send you a text on your next route day to let you know that your clothes are ready for delivery. Just reply "Y" to automatically confirm delivery for that evening.
    • Once confirmed, you’ll receive a text message at 7pm on the evening of your delivery with an estimated time of arrival for your Valet (between 8pm and 10pm).
    • Your Valet will deliver your clean clothes to your door. Be sure to open your bags to let your clothes breath and confirm that all is well with your order.
    • Rinse...and repeat!


  • Can I receive a delivery if I’m not home?

    We offer "personless" pickup and delivery for customers who cannot always be present between 8pm and 10pm given their busy schedules. 

    "Personless" pickup and delivery allows our Valet to pick up or deliver your order without you having to be available. Here is how it works: 
    • We will provide you with a hang bar that you can place on your door. 
    • You can leave the order you would like for us to pick up on the hang bar and our Valet will know to pick up these items for cleaning. 
    • For delivery, you can just place the hang bar on your door and our Valet will place your clean items on the bar, mark your order as delivered, and you will receive a text message confirmation along with a photo that shows you exactly where the Valet left your items. 
    • If you opt to utilize "personless" pickup or delivery, we ask you to consider that our Valet has access to a safe place to deliver and pick up your clothes. Typically, this means you can buzz us into your apartment building remotely or you can provide a door code, but every situation is different. 
  • How does Rinse ensure quality?

    We take great pride in providing high-quality cleaning for every garment you give us. We have developed several steps in our process to ensure that your clothes always receive the best care.

    • We rely on our experience: It takes experience to recognize a great cleaner. James Joun, one of our co-founders, grew up working at his parents’ dry cleaning business and has over 20 years of experience working with cleaners.
    • We work with the best: We have a thorough vetting process and always make sure that our cleaning partners are well-managed, environmentally conscious, and follow industry best practices. 
    • We provide constant feedback: We work closely with all of our cleaning partners and provide them with thorough, detailed, and actionable feedback to ensure that they deliver a consistently great product. 
    • We have quality built into our internal process:  We have several additional processes outside of the cleaning process in place to ensure that your garments are inspected while they are in our care. No item can pass our “quality control” check and be returned to you without a member of our internal team reviewing it. 
    • We’ll do what it takes to get everything right: We are confident that your items will receive the best quality cleaning possible. If you find a stain that has slipped through the cracks or your garment doesn’t meet our (or your) quality standards, please email [email protected] and we’ll provide a complimentary re-cleaning.

    To learn more about our world-class cleaning quality and how we demonstrate it here is a link to our Ask James video series