Our services

Dry Cleaning

Perfect for anything you want cleaned, pressed, and returned on a hanger.

We follow the care label (and know what all those symbols mean!) so your clothes get the clean that they deserve.

A peek behind the counter

Your clothes have arrived.

We'll email you a photo of each item in our care.

Stain science is happening.

Each piece of clothing is inspected for stains, so we can treat them individually.

You'll look better than good.

We offer complimentary repairs for missing buttons and more.

Other Rinse services

    • Leather cleaning

      We don't dry clean leather, but we will send your leather items to one of our leather cleaning experts.

      Why can’t it be Dry Cleaned, you ask? Leather has natural oils that need to be preserved. Exposure to any heat (including Dry Cleaning) may desiccate the leather and can lead to cracking, color bleeding, and a general loss of the natural oils. We work with some of the best speciality cleaners in the business to ensure your leather stays looking its best.

    • Repairs

      Broken button? We offer complimentary Repair Service for missing or broken buttons. Additional basic repairs, including fabric tears or re-hems, are $10. Complex repairs, like replacing zippers and clasps, are $25. Turnaround time for most repairs is 1-2 weeks. All items sent for repair are also Dry Cleaned and charged at our regular cost.

    • Clothing donations

      Cleaning out your closet? We’d be happy to accept anything you want to donate. Just give it to your Valet in a paper or plastic bag and we’ll make sure your donation makes it to someone who needs it. We have partnerships with local charity programs, including St. Anthony’s Free Clothing Program, Out of the Closet, and Goodwill.